A Happy Canine Christmas

Christmas is fast approaching.

Whilst you and your family will no doubt be getting excited about seeing loved ones, exchanging gifts, eating great food and having a good time, it’s equally as important to keep a close eye on your dog. After all, they’re part of the family too.

With new visitors, travelling and even weather changes, it’s important to remember that your dog is most likely used to a set routine.

Even subtle changes to this routine, can sometimes have an adverse effect on their mood. behaviour and happiness.

Here’s some handy tips to help them enjoy the festivities as much as you!

  • Ensure they still get plenty of exercise, both mental and physical. Routines help dogs feel secure so try to keep some of yours the same.
  • Give them their own space away from visitors so they can take themselves away if they want some quiet time.
  • If your dog isn’t used to children and you have them visiting, make sure you educate the parents the correct way to greet your dog and to not pressure them too much for attention.
  • Don’t leave things laying around (new toys and gadgets etc) that they may mistake for a gift for them, otherwise you will fast find your coveted new present a dog toy!
  • Be careful of the additional food available, and don’t be tempted to sneak the pooch a sneaky sausage roll – you will regret the aftermath later on!
  • If you are travelling to relatives and you are lucky enough to be able to take the dog, ensure you bring some home comforts, plan your journey and do some research into local dog friendly places. Bury St Edmunds is lucky enough to have a campaign to promote dog friendly places, check it out by searching @dogfriendlybse
  • If you are leaving your dog at home whilst travelling to see loved ones, give them extra activities and brain games so they don’t become bored as you will most likely be leaving them alone for a little longer than usual.


So remember, in all the fun and games, consider your four legged pal around the festive period and have a very Merry Christmas from all of us at Bury St Edmunds Canine Creche, the home of happy dogs.