Unexpected Surprises

To say October was a brilliant month is an understatement. We saw record dog numbers, inducted more new fluffy ones and had a couple of really fun theme weeks. However, it was one particular week that was a bit crazy. It was unexpected and hugely overwhelming and culminated in two awards for the Creche. 1 month on and it still hasn’t quite sunk in!

The Bury Free Press Awards

Friday October 13th saw us attend the Bury Free Press Business Awards 2017. We had been shortlisted for an award: “Best New Start Up Business” and were consequentlythrilled when we found out having entered with no expectations.

There was a sense of excitement at the prospect of having our Creche mentioned, and seen on a big screen. I was more than happy for the exposure alone to a room full of established businesses, peers and the press.

The night was a nervous one as we awaited our award to be announced. After some technical difficulties our category was finally up.

The finalists for the Best New Start Up Business were:

Alumah CIO

Revolution Fitness

Bury St Edmunds Canine Creche

As we listened to the descriptions of the other finalists, our video was introduced by Lucy Porter  receiving a great reaction as she commented “and now one of my very favourite businesses of the night”…

The video started and had an immediate impact, as you would expect with cute pictures of dogs. Furthermore the reaction alone was worth attending. To hear the positive comments around the room and the audible delight at what was being shown.

The final video was shown, and we waited tentatively. They finally announced Bury St Edmunds Canine Creche as the winner and we all went crazy with excitement!

Flustered and not quite believing what was happening I made my way to the stage. It was an almost surreal experience having not won anything like this before and also, not really used to being the centre of attention. Overwhelmed, excited and proud we celebrated and let the gravity of the achievement sink in!

The National Apprentice Awards Regional Finals

Fresh from our Award win on the Friday, we headed to Newmarket to celebrate apprentice employers and apprentices. We were invited to the Regional Final for the National Apprentice Awards. We had again been shortlisted for best Newcomer SME, which was a great honour in itself.

Again we had no expectations other than attending as a finalist but buoyed by the last few days deep down i thought what if?

This was a huge celebration of achievement. the awards highlighted the huge benefits to staff and employers that apprenticeships can offer. It was wonderful to see other businesses of all sizes come together to celebrate something so important, at the core, which is people.

I was honoured to have been shortlisted, proud to have won and excited to be going forward for National Judging so watch this space!