Pack Leaders

Pack Leader – Jon Kay

“Early 2016, I decided to make a huge lifestyle change and try something different, I wanted to follow a passion, peruse happiness and do a job I utterly loved!  I had been looking at possible options when I saw an advert offering a life changing opportunity….from a company I knew, I was already a client.

After a stable career of 12 years as a Quantity Surveyor, I explored the franchise opportunity and with my deeply imbedded love for dogs, Bury St Edmunds Canine Creche was born…

I am lucky enough to have the love of a black Labrador Loki since he was a puppy, we are inseparable, he is a mild mannered lover to all and is also greatly looking forward to attending work with “Pops” every day.  I played Basketball for many years for the Bury Bulldogs, so have a great deal of affection for the town, I believe this service is truly the way forward and has revolutionised dog care, I am thrilled to be bringing it to Bury St Edmunds.

I also have a love of photography and have developed a natural ability to capture a great moment, something I never knew would be as useful as it is going to be!

I greatly look forward to meeting new clients both four and two legged and inspiring you with our fur-bulous service.”