The SBS Tweet.

It was a beautiful Sunday evening on the 23rd July, when, as it does every Sunday, my phone reminder popped up – “SBS”.  I quickly looked through my recent postings to find a suitable tweet to send.

Ex Dragons Den star Theo Paphitis created SBS or Small Business Sunday, to help small businesses grow.

He personally selects a couple of winners each week who impress him with their business tweet.

The reward, a valuable re-tweet to his half a million followers and exclusive membership to the SBS winners club.

I was on my way into a health spa with my Wife (a gift she had purchased for us as it had been a while since we had any time off together) so I selected my latest mini promo video and added a couple of words – “Here at Creche we make dogs happy”.


SBS tweet Bury St Edmunds Canine Creche

The tweet was tweeted and i thought nothing further about it that evening.

I had entered the competition a few times, but being a new business expected little other than to connect with other like-minded dog business for networking.

The day after

So Monday came and went at Creche with the usual fun and games with the dogs. I was settling down to eat dinner and catch the latest Game Of Thrones when my phone went off.

My tweet from the previous day had been all but forgotten, as it had almost become a habit with no expectation for anything further.

As I picked up the phone, the notification drew the biggest smile:

“you were mentioned in a tweet by @theopaphitis”!

I excitedly unlocked my phone and checked to confirm my thoughts.

A re-tweet of my post and a congratulations tweet from Theo himself!

I was elated!

SBS Theo Paphitis Re-tweet

At that point my phone blew up.

A flurry of likes, tweets, re-tweets and mentions as the SBS community offered congratulations.

My followers instantaneously started growing as i began to engage with the many comments, likes and shares.

I began thanking everyone for their kind words, following back potential strategic partners and offering my congratulations to the other winners.

The traffic continued late into the night and over the coming days.

My Twitter followers increased 4 fold over the coming days which in itself was a massive boost to my business.

The Creche managed to secure a piece in both the East Anglian Daily Times and Bury Free Press drawing more attention to my daycare facility.

I’m very proud to have picked up this little accolade so early into the start of my business. Whats more, I am excited to meet Theo next year at the annual SBS winners event, and spread the Bury St Edmunds Creche story far and wide.

Find us across all social media – @bsecaninecreche We Make Dogs Happy.