I like Sundays. Its our family walkies day.

Today is a special walkies day as Dad has arranged one of his Creche Wood Walks for all my friends. We all meet up at one of my favourite walking spots.

This Wood Walk is at Kings Forest West Stow   a wonderful wood where I can roam free and explore.

We get up early as its a little drive in our moving bed from home for us, and we want to be the first there so i can check everything is in order and smell out the route.

I have a little snooze on the journey there so I can be super alert to show my friends around.


Kings Forest

We arrive, and boy I cant wait! We get ready in the waiting area and I go do my business so I don’t waste any time when my buddies arrive.

Shortly after more big moving beds arrive and my friends are here! There’s Ellie and Diego and Roxy and Sam. More and more keep coming, there’s a lot of doggies. Nearly as many as we have at Creche!

Dad takes charge and tells everyone what we are doing and then we set off.

I lead the way showing everyone the fun you can have in the bushes and off the path. I always make sure I come back to check Mum and Dad are going the right way so they don’t get lost as they don’t have as good a nose as me.

We run into other doggies too with their parents and we often stop and say hello. It’s such a friendly place.

There’s lots of running, chasing and exploring for us all to do and we are allowed to be completely free which is awesome.

Before I know it, I get us back to the moving beds. We all say our goodbyes and i go for some sleeps. I earned it.